Nina Agdal Welcomes Us All To #OutdoorShowerSZN


I don’t want to say I’m a genius, but I wouldn’t mind being called a genius- This should be the new hottest craze in the streets. 10’s showering outdoors. Just claim it raises money for a charity that gives fresh water to villages in Africa, and BOOM, we have every model under the sun taking pictures like this. It’s been a while since we had a a social media “challenge” go viral, and I vote this be the one. But no uglies.

Sorry, sorry, everyone is included.


PS: Was this a blog just to post pics of Nina Agdal because it’s the slowest damn day of the year? Absolutely it is. But be on the lookout for more 10’s showering outside. I could see this catching on.



PS: Might as well throw Ren in here too. When in Rome, ya know?




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