Devin Brugman – My New Obsession! (36 pics)

Meet my latest obsession, the crazy hot Devin Brugman! Not only is she a gorgeous bikini model, but she loves bikinis so much she created her own a bikini blog with her hot friend Natasha Oakley! She even designs bikinis for MondaySwimwear.com. Once I stumbled on her pics I knew I had to share them with all of you!

Devin Brugman 35Devin Brugman 34Devin Brugman 33Devin Brugman 32Devin Brugman 31Devin Brugman 30Devin Brugman 29Devin Brugman 28Devin Brugman 27Devin Brugman 26Devin Brugman 25Devin Brugman 24Devin Brugman 23Devin Brugman 22Devin Brugman 21Devin Brugman 20Devin Brugman 18Devin Brugman 17Devin Brugman 16Devin Brugman 15Devin Brugman 14Devin Brugman 13Devin Brugman 12Devin Brugman 11Devin Brugman 10Devin Brugman 09Devin Brugman 08Devin Brugman 07Devin Brugman 06Devin Brugman 05Devin Brugman 04Devin Brugman 03Devin Brugman 02Devin Brugman 01

And as you can see below, you’re definitely gonna want to follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

My 365th bikini of 2015 ? @abikiniaday

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

#BOTD ? @abikiniaday

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

Diamonds dancing ? New obsession: this layered trio by @lskyejewelry ?

A photo posted by Devin Brugman (@devinbrugman) on

The post Devin Brugman – My New Obsession! (36 pics)

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